A KZG Dealers Perspective On Club Fitting

Marcel De Jager has been a premiere dealer with KZG in the Netherlands for over 10 years.  Marcel is committed to club fitting and believes that a custom fit is the only way to improve anyone’s game.marcel

Marcel had a motorcycle accident in 2003, and decided to use the money from the insurance company to buy his first set of golf clubs. After one year of playing he had a handicap of 12 and soon afterwards he upgraded to his second set of golf clubs. He then became interested in how they were made. He began reading several books and attending several classes in several countries (including getting certified as a teaching pro).  He started fitting in 2004.

“I do not believe in purchasing golf clubs off the rack because golf stores move boxes. If you just buy any club you won’t be enthusiastic to use it. I can guarantee that you will want to get a different club. If I buy 8 shafts, no two will be the same. This is one of the reasons a custom fitting is so important to your game.”

An American clubfitter ordered twenty 10.5 degree  driver heads. After checking, only 6 had exactly 10.5 degrees loft. The others varied from 8 to 16 degrees loft. Take a club with a graphite shaft off the rack and the logo is always on the same spot. That will not happen in my shop. A shaft has a backbone. It is an imperfection in the material that has an effect on your accuracy. That is something I have to look at with every shaft.”    -Marcel De Jager

Marcel has a fully stocked shop and offers off-hour fittings, which is unusual in the Netherlands. Read more about KZG Dealers on our Dealer Locator and learn why club fitting is so important.

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