KZG is a family-owned business, dedicated to bringing demonstrably better high-performing equipment to its golfers.  Performance is KZG’s priority.

KZG offers more models than any other golf brand.  Why?  Because every golfer is unique in size, strength, skill, swing style and even budget.   As the #1 Custom ProLine in golf equipment, KZG offers more options for the top coaches, teachers and fitters to be able to select the ideal models to perfectly fit each and every golfer.

KZG’s worldwide network of Professionals are an integral part of KZG Research and Development.   Who better than the top professionals who are working with golfers daily to know what they need to perfectly fit every golfer.    KZG listens to their requests and gives them what they need.

KZG is never sold over the internet or over a phone call.  Each and every KZG golfer has been personally fit by a skilled professional and their clubs precisely built.  KZG and its worldwide network of Professionals truly care about the golfer.   All other brands are sold over the internet or through poorly trained retail salesmen.  Do you think they really care about your game or whether you are perfectly fit?   


DRVIERS : 11 models

FAIRWAY WOODS : 8 models

HYBRIDS : 4 models

IRONS : 18 models

WEDGES : 7 models

PUTTERS :  5 models