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Mid Handicap

Mid Handicap:

Mid-handicap golfers have handicaps ranging from 10 to 20 … generally shooting from the 80s to the mid 90’s.   This category includes the widest range of abilities, but basically two types of golfers:  those who wish to improve and those who want a more enjoyable, easier, relaxing, recreational game.

The golfer working to improve may need a bag of equipment fit to the swing they aspire to, often working with their coach.   The golfer happy in the middle lane may want to be fit with clubs to minimize their swing flaws.   KZG offers a wide range of models for both types of players.  The more challenging models are listed first and then the more-forgiving models down the list.

Your KZG Professional will take the time to get to know you and your goals, and then will offer a number of clubhead and shaft combinations for your testing so you can see for yourself the performance on a launch monitor.