Club.Align Golf Academy and Fitting Center (Indoor)

Fitter Credentials

  • 2022 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • Master Club Builder
  • Teaching Professional

Contact Details

Jorg van der Gathen

+49 (0) 681/588 299 62

DeutschherrnstraBe 43
66117 Saarbrucken

Monday - Friday 1:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Winter only: also Sundays noon - 5:30 pm.

  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor fitting
  • Full line of KZG equipment

At the Club Align Fitting Center, the golfer can enjoy an indoor driving range, indoor putting green, and simulated play on all of the top courses around the globe.   The golfer can play the game they love year round and during inclement weather …  for fun, for practice and for learning.

Jorg von der Gathen opened his company Club.Align Golf just 10 years ago with the goal of providing golfers with the ideal clubs specific for their unique swing.  From there he expanded his facility to provide year round practice and coaching.

Jorg has been recognized as one of the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters every year since 2013, so no surprised that golfers come from all over Europe to be fit by Jorg.

Jorg was introduced to the game of golf 15 years ago and became passionate about it overnight.  He was obsessed.  He quickly learned the importance of having the right equipment to play well.  His desire for perfection and improvement was never ending.  With a background in manufacturing, Jorg knew that to obtain perfection, the right materials would be the key to success in securing the ideal rackets.  He studied, he tested, he learned and he mastered.  He even went so far as to become a member of the EGTF (European Golf Teachers Federation, UK) to totally master the swing.

Jorg utilizes state-of-the-art launch monitors, simulators and frequency machines to fully analyze the golfers swing.  He also will take the time to learn about the golfer and his game and goals.  Jorg is then in a position to make recommendations for the ideal combination of head and shaft for each golfer.  Thereafter, he will take the time to hand craft each club to precise specifications.

Jorg also specializes in ladies, juniors and lefties and has a wide spectrum of models to make the ideal custom clubs for each and every golfer regardless of their skill, size and/or strength.

Please give Jorg a call to discuss your game and your equipment.  He is an amazing professional who can help you shave strokes off of your game.