Golf and Performance at Markham Exec. Golf Course

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  • Professional Clubfitter
  • Professional Coach
  • CPGA Teaching Professional

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Coach D. Franz McFayden, Llb (Hons)

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(647) 409-9427

7892 McCowan Road

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  • Indoor and/or outdoor fitting
  • Limited line of KZG equipment

Golf and Performance is a highly rated golf learning center for both adults and juniors.  At the center, every golfer whether a beginner or advanced competitive tour player will see true improvement in their game.  The teaching professionals at Golf and Performance key into every aspect of the golfer, including the swing, conditioning, strength, nutrition, health, mental approach and attitude and equipment.

Founder and Coach Franz McFayden is a wealth of knowledge and experience in all of the sciences related to golf. He specializes in working with up and coming tour players and is recognized as an expert in the short game and wedge play.  The professionals on his staff  are highly skilled in a myriad of areas pertaining to golf, including conditioning, psychology and technique.

Golf and Performance offers a state-of-the-art “Lab” filled with equipment for a full assessment of the golfer’s swing, including FlightScope Launch Monitors, VI Analysis, Force Plates and Foot Pressure Analyzers as well as a range of software that can check on the golfer’s strength and assist in swing correction.    The center offers private coaching, group classes, clinics, playing lessons,  fitness sessions, conditioning and strength building sessions, junior camps and a Junior Academy.  They even arrange tournament and league play for all.

Golf and Performance is very active in grooming young up and coming Junior golfers and are an integral part of the new Golf Ontario initiative.

The professionals at Golf and Performance truly care about every golfer and every aspect of the golfer’s game.   They receive rave reviews from their students as each of the professionals are truly dedicated and passionate about the game and their golfers.   They take the time to fully explain each step of the process  … and they make the experience fun and exciting.

Coach Franz works with KZG, the #1 in custom golf equipment, to assure that every one of his students have the ideal equipment that is perfectly dialed in to enhance their unique swing.

When you are ready to play your very best, give Coach Franz a call.