Fitter Credentials

  • 2023 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • Professional Clubfitter
  • Professional Club Builder
  • Professional Coach
  • PGA Teaching Professional

Contact Details

Ashley Blake, PGA & Reanna Matthews, PGA

-43 718 6084

186 Corio Street
Shepparton, Victoria
3630 Australia

Please call for appointment

  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor and/or outdoor fitting
  • Full line of KZG equipment
  • Coaching and lessons

Golfers in Shepparton who are ready to improve their games will love Next Level Golf.    Two highly skilled and well-respected Professionals are ready to take you to the Next Level. And both of these Professionals have been recognized as the World’s Top 100 Clubfitters in 2023.

Ashley Blake, PGA grew up in Shepparton and has a passion for the game.  He has played on the Australasian Tour and is a regular on the Ladbrokes Pro-Am Series.   Who better to give you coaching, lessons and clubfittings than Ashley who is on top of his own game and knows what it takes to be a champion.

Ashley has teamed up with Reanna Matthews, PGA, who was a Junior Medalist and winner of the acclaimed Waverly Junior Masters.   Reanna too has turned her passion for the game in helping others play their best.

The Next Level Studio has the only simulator in the entire Shepparton area which enables the pros to fully analyze your swing and enables them to give you the advice and tools to improve.

The Pros at Next Level understand that it is impossible for golfers to improve by playing ill-fitting clubs.  Only when your clubs are ideal for your swing, size, strength and skill can you then concentrate on improving your swing.   Ashley works with KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine in golf equipment, which is sold exclusively through the finest coaches, teachers and fitters around the globe.   KZG offers the widest selection of  clubhead and shaft models so that Ashley can dial in the exact combination to maximize each and every golfer’s performance.

Give Ashley and Reanna a call.  Let them get to know you, your game and your goals.   And then get ready to play your very best.