Pepe’s Golf Clinic

Fitter Credentials

  • 2024 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • KZG Certified Master Clubfitter
  • IPAC Member
  • Master Club Builder

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Pepe Naula

Pepe Naula

41 527216762

Pepe's Golf Clinic

Schoenenhofstrasse 17
CH-8500 Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Monday - Friday
10:00am - 5:00pm

  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor fitting


Pepe Naula has been recognized as one of the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters for over two decades.  He has been honored with this title since the year 2000!   Pepe is also one of the Founders of IPAC (International Professional Association of ClubFitters) which is a group of the elite  in the profession who work together to hone their skills and raise the bar for their profession.  In 1999 he was the Official ClubFitter for the European Ryder Cup Team!

Golfers really enjoy working with Pepe.  He is an inventor, solid craftsman, highly skilled fitter and builder, plus a great guy and lots of fun.  During your fitting he will take the time to get to know you, your game and your goals.  He will do static testing and then dynamic analysis of your swing.  He will then have you test a number of demos so that you can “feel” and see for yourself the performance to expect in your final custom clubs.

Pepe has decades of fitting experience …  and he understands the nuances of every swing to be able to maximize every swing.   Fitting is both art and science. Wisdom is golden.

Golfers travel from all over Europe to have Pepe fit them … and then he handcrafts each of their custom clubs.  He has fit tour players as well as beginners, and every type and skill of golfer in between.   Pepe does comprehenisve fittings utilizing state-of-the-art launch monitors, swing analyzers, frequency analyzers and other tools of his trade.  He gives the same “tour” treatment to all of his golfers.   And he will explain each step of the fitting process to you.

Pepe understands that successful golfing is about confidence in your game and also confidence in your equipment.  He knows what it takes to help every golfer play their very best.  Give Pepe a call and get ready to play your best game ever.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Since meeting Pepe in 1999, he has been in charge of controlling and fitting my clubs. I visit him at least five times through the season. I am very picky when it comes to the tools of my trade and Pepe is very professional. We pros are looking for consistency and I know that if my clubs are not perperly fitted, I can't be consistent. ... I highly recommend Pepe, my "Guru".

    Bossert Andre', Tour Player

  • "Pepe = precision + passion"

    David James, Tour Player

  • "You assemble my drivers for me so that I can get the most out of every shot! Your enormous knowledge keeps me going and I will come to you with each of my clubs in the future! You are super! Thank you and keep it up!!!"

    Mauro Benaglio, Long Driver

  • "Thank you for your support. I think your KZG rackets bring me and my Gofspiel further, now its time to implement."

    Michael Walthard, Executive

  • " ... my material needs to be checked again ... take care. see you soon."

    Nora Angehrn, Ladies European Tour Player, Swiss Amateur

  • Thank you for the new KZG set that you made for me ... the best irons I have ever played. Perfect feedback, good length and still forgiving. You are a Master!

    Jurg Zuber, golfer