Santa Cruz Golf Shop at Delaveaga Golf Course

Fitter Credentials

  • Professional Clubfitter
  • Master Club Builder

Contact Details

Aaron Peterson

(831) 234-5722

Delveago Golf Course
401 Upper park Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Please call for appointment.

Aaron Peterson, 5th generation Santa Cruz local, owns and operates the Santa Cruz Golf Shop, which services the equipment needs of golfers at Pasatiempo, Delaveaga and other Golf Courses in the area.

Most golfers today know that a custom fitting by a skilled fitter is necessary to maximize their game.  Yet 90% of golfers continue to play with ill-fitting clubs that bring only frustration and inability to improve.

Head Pro Parker Hammond, PGA, heads the Parker Hammond Golf School and Functional Golf giving clinics, private lessons and coaching for both adults and juniors.  As a professional, he understands that lessons and practice with ill-fitting clubs does nothing to advance the ability of the golfer to play the game well.  He has partnered with Aaron of the Santa Cruz Golf Shop, the only golf equipment expert in the area,  to be sure his golfers are playing with the ideal clubs to maximize their game.

Aaron features KZG, a line of custom golf equipment available exclusively to the top professionals in the industry.  With the wide range of KZG models, Aaron can dial in every golfer perfectly, regardless of their skill, strength, size, or age.

Give Aaron a call when you are ready to improve and truly enjoy your game.