Squire Golf at Whidbey Golf Club

Fitter Credentials

  • Professional Clubfitter
  • Professional Club Builder

Contact Details

Chuck Whitlock

(360) 672-5415


2430 Fairway Lane
Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Please call for appointment

  • Outdoor fitting

Squire Golf is owned by Chuck Whitlock, a Professional Club Fitter and Club Builder with over 30 years experience in helping golfers play better golf.

Chuck  conducts his clubfittings at the beautiful Whidbey Golf Club.  He uses the Trackman to analyze your swing.  Chuck then will have you test several combinations of heads and shafts so that the golfer can test and compare the demos to their existing bag or other brands.

With 30 years experience, Chuck will dial in the ideal clubs to maximize your swing.  Give him a call when you are ready to improve and enjoy your game to the fullest.