Custom Clubmakers International

Custom Clubmakers International Inc. has been serving golfers since 1998.  In fact, they  were the Pioneers of clubmaking in the country!  Francis Go  and Jake Ong are two professionals dedicated to growing the game of golf as well as helping golfers play their very best.  They are sought after by the top Professional Tour Players…

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GolfSTIX is the place to go for a first rate golfing experience in  Western Australia.   Their indoor facility houses the latest technology to provide you with everything you need to build your game of golf.  From coaching, teaching, clubfitting, adjustments or accessories, GolfSTIX can have you fit and built “IN HOUSE” unlike any other service…

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XLNgolf Pte Ltd

Golfers love XLNgolf, the #1 Club Fitting Studio in Singapore. At XLNgolf, you will be fit by qualified Master ClubFitters Joe Loo and Nick Tan.  These men are the only two professionals in Singapore  consistently rated in the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters since 2018 and are also members of the elite IPAC (International Professional Association…

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R & L Golf

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Norbert Studer, EGTF Teaching Professional, has dedicated his life to helping Swiss golfers achieve a better game of golf.  He started R & L Golf to offer lessons and the best golf equipment for those who share his love of golf. Norbert understands that you can’t teach the game or help someone improve, if they…

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Kern D.O.O.

Viljem Kern thought golf was a sport for rich people until he joined a friend for a round and became immediately hooked on how much fun he experienced playing the sport. As an Engineer, he became fascinated by the science of how clubs were put together to provide different trajectories, feel and distances. His passion…

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Makrogolf at Diamond Golfclub Ottenstein

Smart golfers search for the very best for their lessons and equipment … and you can’t get any better than Makrogolf owned by Andreas “Davis” Lauss, PGA Teaching Professional, Coach, Tour Player, Master ClubFitter and Master Club Builder.  Born in Linz, Davis started playing when he was only 9 years old and has excelled in…

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