TNT Golfs at Peoria Pines

Nick Nichols has had a life-long passion for everything golf.  His dad was a scratch golfer, and Nick was 17 years old when he beat him.   Nick played on the Air Force Team and then was a caddy for a number of  tour players on all three of the major Tours.  Nick knows the game…

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Mike Riso Golf

Mike Riso Playing Golf Now

Mike Riso, PGA,  is one of the most popular teaching professionals in the Largo, Clearwater and St. Petersburg  areas.  His easy going manner and his simple approach to the game of golf has made his reputation soar. Mike’s core fundamentals are to teach simply and clearly to help his golfers reach their goals.  He concentrates…

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Mike’s Honest Golf at PGA National

Mike D’Orazio has been servicing the needs of golfers at the PGA National for the last five years, and this year he has opened under his own banner.  He has also been named in the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters. Mike is passionate about all things golf.   And he is a true equipment junkie.   Since the…

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33 Golf Lab

Arnaud Maurin is passionate about all things golf. He is a great teacher and as a scratch player, who better to help you improve?  He is a also highly skilled Professional ClubFitter and Club Builder. His reputation is widespread and golfers from around the world seek his expert advice and services. Arnaud will first take…

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Golf Planet Madrid

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Juan “Carlos” Garcia Diaz created Golf Planet to give every golfer the same service and care that tour players enjoy.   Carlos has been rated among the World’s Top 100 Clubfitters consistently since 2009.  He has decades of experience in giving a tour-class fitting as well as a tour quality custom build on every custom golf…

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Squire Golf at Whidbey Golf Club

Squire Golf is owned by Chuck Whitlock, a Professional Club Fitter and Club Builder with over 30 years experience in helping golfers play better golf. Chuck  conducts his clubfittings at the beautiful Whidbey Golf Club.  He uses the Trackman to analyze your swing.  Chuck then will have you test several combinations of heads and shafts…

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