Fitters with experience, skill and integrity

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For a real fit, you need a real fitter.  Truly qualified fitters are not easy to find. KZG has done the work for you as KZG only works with reputable and highly skilled professional fitters. 

As you may have read, industry statistics are disappointing: 62% of golfers report that they have been “custom fit” yet statistics report 92% of all golfers are still playing with ill-fitting clubs.  

Just about every golfer knows that they should be playing custom clubs if they want to improve and play their best.  The challenge is finding a qualified Professional Clubfitter that is highly skilled, experienced and who won’t break the bank.

KZG has done the work for you.  Our network of Professional ClubFitters are selected on the following basis:

  1. We look for candidates that have built a reputation in your golfing community.  Many have been PGA or USGTF teaching professionals for many years in your area.  Others have backgrounds in engineering or biomechanics.  The client base for KZG fitters is far and wide and many have taken care of generations of golfers in the same family.  Most have opened up their own studios and shops to care for the golfers in their area.
  2. All KZG ClubFitters have many years of experience and training in the art and science of clubfitting.  They have studied clubhead design and shaft profiling.  They understand how different features affect performance.  They work with state-of-the-art equipment and are fully trained working with launch monitors and frequency analyzers.  They offer a wide range of clubhead, shaft and grip options so that they can perfectly fit every golfer regardless of skill, size, strength and budget.
  3. They are passionate about helping you improve your game.  They take the time to get to know you, your game, your goals.  They will spend as much time as is needed to work with you in selecting the optimum combination of head, shaft and grip to perfectly fit you and help you play your very best.
  4. They have integrity.  They put your performance ahead of profits.  If your current clubs are working for you and they can’t improve on performance, they won’t even suggest you buy new clubs.   They will work with you in selecting clubs that not only perform, but also that fit your budget.  They don’t sell clubs on-line, over the phone, or with a fitting form.  Every clubfitting is face to face with the golfer.

KZG’s growth is limited by the number of Professional ClubFitters we can find.  Believe it or not, there are very few truly qualified professional clubfitters in the world.  KZG is committed to raising the bar for the profession and has for the last 20 years offered Certification Programs for Master ClubFitters for those professionals interested in honing their skills, raising the bar for their profession  and sharing with their peers the latest advancements and techniques in the field of clubfitting.