WIDEST SELECTION OF SUPERIOR PERFORMING CLUBHEADS: KZG offers unique models in every category of clubs: 8 models of drivers, 5 fairway woods, 4 hybrids, 15 irons (forged, forged insert and precision cast), 5 wedges (forged and precision cast) and 5 putters. This extensive offering allows our fitters the option to select the ideal design features for every golfer.

For Example: The VC 420 Driver has the lowest spin rate of any driver on the market, with a smaller profile. The competitive player loves the low, long and boring trajecgtory. On the other end of the spectrum, the OS-II Driver is the most forgiving on the market, with offset, low center of gravity, and lofts up to 16*, ideal for the beginner, high handicapper and the recreational player who is looking for an easy game. The 6 other models service the needs of every conceivable golfer, each with its own specific features.

WIDEST SELECTION OF SHAFTS AND GRIPS: We work with virtually every shaft and grip manufacturer and have on hand a wide selection of the models offered by Aerotech, Graphite Design, Grauman, KBS, NovaTech, Golf Pride, Iomic, Lamkin, SuperStroke, Winn.