Suggested Demos For Seniors


Most of you already know Brad Whalen, British PGA, World’s Top 100 ClubFitter and tech guy.   He heads up our KZG Performance Center located in Palm Desert California, a true golf mecca with over 130 golf courses within a 30-mile radius.  Here are his words of wisdom:

“Because we are in the desert, this is a true vacation mecca as well as a retirement town.  The lion’s share of my fittings is for Seniors…around 70%.  I consider all the heads in the KZG lineup as important as I never know who is walking in the door for a fitting.  However, I have found that the following are my best options when dealing with Senior golfers and highly suggest you consider the following for your studio to better serve your senior market.”

Brad goes on to state:  “Most Seniors complain about losing distance … we can definitely help in that area.  We offer special clubs with greater rebound and we also can re-configure the Senior’s bag to get them more distance and thus more satisfaction out of their game.  Another factor is strength.  Often ladies will complain that their clubs feel heavy and that they are tired after 9 holes of golf.  This to can easily be handled by using lighter clubheads and shafts that don’t weigh the golfer down and cause fatigue.”



  • GFX Drivers: 9, 10.5, 12 and 14° (The ability to make the head lighter has come in very useful when fitting seniors losing speed, be sure you have enough of the GF screw weights to test properly)
  • OS II Drivers: 10.5, 12, 14 and 16° (The OS II can launch the ball higher than any other club in our line)
  • XLD Drivers 9, 10.5, 12, 14° (Very low center of gravity that helps launch the ball)
  • XLF woods #3, 4, 5, 7, 9 (very easy to hit and love the loft options which make these woods a favorite amongst the seniors)
  • OS II woods: #3, 5, 7(forgiving, easy to launch, slice fighter. The offset helps kick the ball in the air and square up the clubface for the people losing some hand speed)
  • H370 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, and 42° (an absolute favorite amongst my seniors because of the ease of launch when irons just won’t do it anymore. They love the higher lofts. And we are replacing many sets of irons with sets of these hybrids… easier to play with greater distances)
  • QUAD Silver, Red and White Irons   (The Red is 7 grams lighter and the White 14 grams lighter … so easy to play with lots of forgiveness)
  • HPS (Extremely forgiving iron and easy to launch high)
  • FF and LDI Irons (both offer a forged titanium insert giving very high ball speed, but do not launch quite as high as the Quads or HPS).
  • Super Sole Wedges: 56, 58, 60 and 64° (easy to play, wide forgiving sole, and you will love the 64°)



  • NovaTech 5000 wood shafts (the soft tip helps launch the ball in the air and keep it there)
  • Aerotech Claymore MX 48 wood shafts (also a good light weight choice)
  • NovaTech i400 and i700 iron shafts (the 40gram i400 is still relatively new but is a very stable lightweight option and the i700 is by far the most versatile shaft in my fitting bay)
  • KBS MAX G 45 iron shafts (a light weight, high spinning shaft)