The Best Driver In Golf

Everyone is always looking for the best driver in golf. They will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every year hoping they find the magic club. Most never do this correctly and just buy one off the rack of their local superstore.

The honest truth is that there is a “best driver” for everyone. It’s just not the same driver.

The best driver in golf is a driver which has been fit by a professional fitter for the individual. A well fit driver will allow them to hit their longest average drives while still being able to keep the ball in play. The key thing being that they are fitted. If a golfer takes the time to be fit he/she will save time and money in their search for their new best friend.


KZG specializes in fitting. We pride ourselves in ensuring our product is only fit to golfers by the best fitters in the industry. Anyone playing a KZG golf club has been fit by an expert who pays attention to detail.

We also have a very wide range of clubs and our drivers are no exception. Currently we have 8 drivers in our line. There is a driver for everyone and every type of swing. The tour player, the beginner and everyone in between has options and can be fit to find their best driver.

For example, the VC-420 has a small more compact head preferred by many very good players yet still maintains forgiveness while keeping spin rates low. The OS-II on the other hand is an offset driver which is designed for a beginner or slicer of the ball. The OS-II also comes in lofts up to 16 degrees. Perfect for someone who is struggling to get the ball airborne.

Please feel free to look through our Dealer Locator and find a KZG dealer near you. We promise you will be in good hands.

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