KZG is very different from the major brands.  Very different.

KZG is a family owned business and not beholden to shareholders.   We don’t even try to sell clubs to the masses.  Instead, we focus on optimum performance for every category of golfer, whether they are a tour player, beginner, or skill level in between.

KZG does not buy the tour, nor does it participate in multi-million dollar ad campaigns.  We don’t sell to chain stores or to anyone who sells on-line.  Instead, we focus on the truly talented and skilled professional coaches, teachers and clubfitters in our industry, who in turn cater to the golfers they serve.  They have integrity, and they will take the time to perfectly fit their golfers.  Because they have earned their reputations serving the golfers in their community, their recommendations of KZG clubs is our foundation.

Our success rests on three criteria:

  • Only work with highly skilled professional coaches, teachers and clubfitters who have earned their reputation in their community
  • Offer more unique models than any other brand, so that KZG Professionals have a wide spectrum of options to select the features they need for every golfer
  • Assure that the professionals’ fitting instructions and specifications are carried out precisely.

And it works!  KZG IS TIME TESTED.  We celebrate our 26th Anniversary in 2020.  Our reputation around the world is known for offering great performing clubs that enhance play.