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Christian Dahl, PGA


(215) 279-7835

211 N. 13th St., Suite 302
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Open Every Day, except Wednesdays
10:00 AM - 10 PM
Please call for lesson and fitting appointments

  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor fitting
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The Golf Science Center is a golfers’ heaven in downtown Philadelphia.   Rain or shine, lunchtime, after work, whenever … you can fit in a game, a practice session or a lesson at the Golf Science Center’s Indoor Studio.  Play a round at the most widely acclaimed courses on the High Definition Golf simulators which are in 3D  so that you can see every detail of the actual course.  Practice at the indoor driving range  or on the practice greens and get feedback on your swing, shot trajectories and even do a video swing analysis.

And while there, you will definitely want to take a lesson with the owner, Christian Dahl.  Christian has earned a great reputation as  a coach and instructor.   He is sought after by many tour players and PGA teaching professionals for help with their own games.   Avid golfers have been amazed at what Christian has done for their game, and lucky is the beginner who gets his or her start with Christian … to dial their swing into a natural groove from the very beginning.   Christian will take the time to learn about the golfer, their game and their goals to achieve the best possible performance.    And during every lesson the student can see the video of their swing as it improves throughout the lesson.

And because he is a man of integrity, Christian understands that a golfer can’t learn or improve while playing ill-fitting clubs.   That is why Christian makes sure that his golfers are playing the proper equipment for their unique swing.   Offering KZG custom equipment has helped so many golfers play their very best game ever.

Drop by or give Christian a call, and then get ready to play your best game ever.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "I have had lessons with some of the most well known teachers in the golf world. For the past ten years I have trusted my swing to the teaching of Christian Dahl. "

    Dave Quinn, PGA, Dir of Golf Links Golf Club, tour player

  • "I have competed at every level of competition from mini-tour events to PGA Tour events. Chris helped me to develop the game to get there. I am confident in his ability to help any golfer, at any level. Teaching professionals of Chris's caliber are few and far between."

    Barry Dear, PGA, tour player

  • "Since I have started working with Chris I have seen my swing evolve day after day. Most importantly I have seen improvements after every lesson. The knowledge that Chris possesses is priceless."

    Glenn Hansen, PGA

  • " I've been taking lessons off and on for twenty years - including from Top 100 teachers - and Christian is teaching me things about the golf swing I have never heard before. During the lessons you get to watch your own swing on video which makes a huge difference. These lessons have changed my game."

    Richard Vague, Philadelphia

  • "Christian Dahl knows the golf swing. He understands the mechanics and he can break down the swing and explain what you should feel and why. With Christian, I have been able to swing correctly and minimize mistakes. Christian is patient, conscientious and just really good at teaching the golf swing."

    Dr. Len Ellis, DDS