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Fitter Credentials

  • Professional Clubfitter
  • Professional Club Builder
  • Teaching Professional

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Mike Riso, PGA

Michael Riso, Pga




12500 Vonn Road
Largo, Florida 33774


  • Outdoor fitting
  • Coaching and lessons

Mike Riso, PGA,  is one of the most popular teaching professionals in the Largo, Clearwater and St. Petersburg  areas.  His easy going manner and his simple approach to the game of golf has made his reputation soar.

Mike’s core fundamentals are to teach simply and clearly to help his golfers reach their goals.  He concentrates on the areas of greatest concern of the golfer and with simple tips he helps them gain confidence and achieve improvement.  He is more like a friend than a teacher and will take the time to explain the mechanics of the swing so it is easily understood b the student.

And Mike doesn’t waste a golfers time or money trying to teach around ill-fitted clubs.  “They can’t improve if their clubs are not right for their swing” reports Mike.  That is why Mike works with KZG, the only golf equipment company in the world where each one of their clubs has been custom fit by a true professional … never sold over the internet or improperly fit by an overzealous salesman. “I love the wide range of models so that I can select the right features for my students and dial in exactly what they need”.

Mike also works with his wife Nancy who is a yoga instructor and coach.  Together Mike and Nancy focus on helping the golfer relax, reduce tension and help the golfer become more flexible.  It is amazing how just a few short yoga exercises can help improve the swing.  See below pictures of Mike at 20 years old and then at 58 years old … his flexability and swing have remained the same for 38 years,

Mike’s business philosophy is “Treat clients like one of your closest friends.  Offer them greater value, than what they pay for products and services.”

Mike teaches out of the Clearwater Country Club and the Largo Golf Course.

Give Mike a call when you are ready to relax, improve and have more fun in your game.