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  • 2024 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • IPAC Member
  • Professional Club Builder

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Chris Knight

(250) 649-6938

Vista Ridge Golf

Prince George, BC Canada

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  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor and outdoor fitting

Chris Knight started Vista Ridge Golf in 1996 with the realization that there was a definite need for a professional clubfitter and club builder in Northern British Columbia. Since that time Vista Ridge Golf has become the first choice for discerning golfers in and around the Prince George area.



Many of the top CPGA professionals and local top amateurs seek the expert advice and skills of Chris Knight for club fitting and also for handcrafted custom clubs … as they know they must have perfectly fit clubs that are precisely built in  order to be successful.  In turn, these professionals and competitive players also send their golfers and golfing buddies to Chris so they too can improve their games.

Chris’ reputation has grown as he has met the expectations of all golfers.  His easy going manner, his experience and skill, and his passion to be sure each of his golfers are playing the ideal clubs  has made him the “go-to” guy for golf equipment.

Chris uses a Trackman launch monitor and SkyPro swing analyzer in his club fittings, and often does his outdoor  club fittings at  the Aberdeen Glen Golf Club and during the winter and inclement weather, he does indoor fittings at The Northern Swing Golf, both in Prince George.

Chris features KZG which is the only golf brand exclusively available to the top professional coaches, teachers and clubfitters around the globe.  KZG’s wide spectrum of models allows Chris the ability to select the designs and features needed for each golfer.  Chris will then handcraft each custom club to be sure they meet the precise specifications required.

Chris has been consistently rated one of the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters since 2012.  He is also an elite member of the International Professional Association of ClubFitters (IPAC).

When you are ready to maximize your game, shave strokes off your handicap and truly enjoy your game, give Chris a call.



“The first time I played the ZO irons I thought they were one of the softest feeling irons I had ever hit. I was wrong! The ZO irons WITH the Nova Tech BTR shafts are the softest irons I’ve ever hit. We played Tobiano, the Dunes and then Rivershore. I played the same ball all three rounds, I mean one ball.”
Dave S., Prince George (April ’09)

“I got to hit my new KZG’s this afternoon and they are unbelievable. I thought the 6.0 flex might be a little stiff for me, but after hitting a couple of balls I was blown away at how good they feel. As you know, having worked in a golf store for four years I got to try all the new clubs and I have never hit a club & shaft combination that felt as good as these new KZG’s… they feel like  ‘butter’ … thanks again.”
Claude B., Prince George (March ’09)