Advanced Golf Performance at Bluff Pointe Golf Course

Fitter Credentials

  • 2023 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • IPAC Member
  • Professional Club Builder
  • USGTF Teaching Professional

Contact Details

Hector Avila, USGTF

Hector Avila, USGTF

(559) 871-0184

Bluff Pointe Golf Course and Learning Center
8225 N. Milburn Avenue
Fresno, CA 93722

Please call for appointment

  • Outdoor fitting
  • Full line of KZG equipment
  • Coaching and lessons

Bluff Pointe Golf Course and Learning Center is an ideal venue to play, practice and learn golf.  It is a 9 hole course with range, and additional areas for short game, chipping and putting practice.  Owners Jim and Marci Perez have made Bluff Pointe a welcoming venue for golfers of all skill levels, and the two of them are well known for their generosity for young golfers.  Jim is very open about how he came from nothing as a young boy and how the game of golf gave him such a great start in life.  Both Jim and Marci are amazing with what they do to help the junior golfers in their community.

Jim is also a USGTF teacher and coach.  He understands the importance of clubfitting for every golfer.  In his words: “you can’t teach around ill-fitting clubs”.   So  he has teamed up with Hector Avila, USGTF teacher and Professional ClubFitter, to be sure that his golfers get a first class fitting.   You can call Hector direct, or call the club to set up your clubfitting session.

Hector Avila uses a state of the art FlightScope launch monitor during the fitting session and he has a wide selection of clubheads and shafts that he can combine using a universal connector system.  That way the golfer can actually “feel” and see the performance and compare with their existing bag.

Both Jim and Hector will take the time to discuss your needs and your goals for your game.  And when you are ready, you will find the fitting enjoyable and educational as Hector will explain each step of the process.  Hector will also handcraft each of your new custom clubs.

When you are ready to improve your game and enjoy it to the fullest, set up your appointment for a first class fitting with Hector.