KZG Performance Center

Fitter Credentials

  • 2023 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • IPAC Member
  • Master Club Builder
  • British PGA Teaching Professional

Contact Details

Brad Whalen

(760) 341-2222

73175 Highway 111 Suite A
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Best to call for appointment

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
By Appointment Only

  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor fitting
  • Full line of KZG equipment
  • Coaching and lessons

STEP INTO THE WORLD OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE GOLF!   You will love the KZG Performance Center…the only “world-class” golf center in the entire Southern California Desert.

The Center is managed by Brad Whalen, a British PGA coach and teacher who is also a former tour player.  Brad is a Master ClubFitter …. recognized consistently since 2011 as one of the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters.  He has been a mentor and instructor in advanced fitting programs to over 250 of the top clubfitters around the globe.  He is a member of the prestigious IPAC, an association of the top fitters around the globe dedicated to raising the bar for the profession.

Golfers get a full “VIP Tour Treatment” at the KZG Performance Center. During the initial Club Analysis, a Master Fitter will check your current bag of golf equipment, charting all of the specifications including loft, lie, length and frequency. It is during this process that the Fitter will be able to show you exactly why you are having trouble with any of the clubs in your bag.  It is amazing as this Analysis really focuses on how your clubs were built and usually over 90% of all golfers carry bags of equipment that have major flaws that prevent them from playing their very best.  During the Club Analysis, your Fitter will be asking you questions and learning more about you, your game, your concerns and your goals.

The next step is the actual fitting which is comprised of both static and dynamic testing of your swing.  Utilizing the FlightScope GC Quad, your fitter will take you through a thorough analysis of your ball flight and swing dynamics and pinpoint the areas needed to help you improve your game.

Based on your swing analysis, your fitter will then  select various club head and shaft combinations that you will be able to test, dialing in the optimum combination for your unique swing.   You will actually be able to “feel” and “see” the performance of each of these combinations and compare the results.

The KZG Fitting Center features KZG the #1 Custom ProLine golf equipment which offers the widest spectrum of clubhead models than any other brand.  The KZG brand is solely available through the top coaches, teachers and fitters around the globe.  Additionally, the Center offers a wide spectrum of shafts, including but not limited to: NovaTech, AeroTech, Graphite Design, True Temper and KBS; as well as a wide assortment of grips including:  Golf Pride, Winn, Iomic, JumboMax, and SuperStroke.

At the Center, every golfer can customize their own clubs with a wide choice of color options in shafts, grips and ferrules…and even  do custom paint-filling or stamping of their clubs.  Your handcrafted custom clubs will be built on site and available for play in just three business days!

The Center also offers private lessons and coaching.

Every golfer deserves to be fit properly … and it is absolutely necessary if a golfer is to improve and play their best.  Beginners will often say “I’m not good enough …” for custom clubs.  But without the right clubs, a beginner will start contorting their body and their swing to suit the ill-fitting clubs.  Best to learn and get your swing in the groove with clubs designed specifically for your size, strength and natural swing.  When you have the right clubs, only then can you focus on improving your game.

Give the Center a call, discuss what you want to accomplish with one of our fitters, and then set up an appointment.  You will enjoy the process, learn a great deal through each step … and then be prepared to shave strokes off your game!


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