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  • 2024 World’s Top 100 Clubfitter
  • KZG Certified Master Clubfitter
  • IPAC Member
  • Master Club Builder
  • Teaching Professional

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Brad Whalen, British PGA

(760) 341-2222

73175 Highway 111 Suite A
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
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  • State-of-the-art fitting center
  • Indoor fitting
  • Coaching and lessons

STEP INTO THE WORLD OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE GOLF!   You will love the KZG Performance Center…the only “world-class” golf center in the entire Southern California Desert.

The Center is managed by Brad Whalen, a British PGA coach and teacher who is also a former tour player.  Brad is a Master ClubFitter …. recognized consistently since 2011 as one of the World’s Top 100 ClubFitters.  He has been a mentor and instructor in advanced fitting programs to over 250 of the top clubfitters around the globe.  He is a member of the prestigious IPAC, an association of the top fitters around the globe dedicated to raising the bar for the profession.

Golfers get a full “VIP Tour Treatment” at the KZG Performance Center. During the initial Club Analysis, a Master Fitter will check your current bag of golf equipment, charting all of the specifications including loft, lie, length and frequency. It is during this process that the Fitter will be able to show you exactly why you are having trouble with any of the clubs in your bag.  It is amazing as this Analysis really focuses on how your clubs were built and usually over 90% of all golfers carry bags of equipment that have major flaws that prevent them from playing their very best.  During the Club Analysis, your Fitter will be asking you questions and learning more about you, your game, your concerns and your goals.

The next step is the actual fitting which is comprised of both static and dynamic testing of your swing.  Utilizing the FlightScope GC Quad, your fitter will take you through a thorough analysis of your ball flight and swing dynamics and pinpoint the areas needed to help you improve your game.

Based on your swing analysis, your fitter will then  select various club head and shaft combinations that you will be able to test, dialing in the optimum combination for your unique swing.   You will actually be able to “feel” and “see” the performance of each of these combinations and compare the results.

The KZG Fitting Center features KZG the #1 Custom ProLine golf equipment which offers the widest spectrum of clubhead models than any other brand.  The KZG brand is solely available through the top coaches, teachers and fitters around the globe.  Additionally, the Center offers a wide spectrum of shafts, including but not limited to: NovaTech, AeroTech, Graphite Design, True Temper and KBS; as well as a wide assortment of grips including:  Golf Pride, Winn, Iomic, JumboMax, and SuperStroke.

At the Center, every golfer can customize their own clubs with a wide choice of color options in shafts, grips and ferrules…and even  do custom paint-filling or stamping of their clubs.  Your handcrafted custom clubs will be built on site and available for play in just three business days!

The Center also offers private lessons and coaching.

Every golfer deserves to be fit properly … and it is absolutely necessary if a golfer is to improve and play their best.  Beginners will often say “I’m not good enough …” for custom clubs.  But without the right clubs, a beginner will start contorting their body and their swing to suit the ill-fitting clubs.  Best to learn and get your swing in the groove with clubs designed specifically for your size, strength and natural swing.  When you have the right clubs, only then can you focus on improving your game.

Give the Center a call, discuss what you want to accomplish with one of our fitters, and then set up an appointment.  You will enjoy the process, learn a great deal through each step … and then be prepared to shave strokes off your game!


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See What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Brad Whalen was the best and most experienced fitter I have ever dealt with. Buy KZG, don't waste your time with the other brands.

    Joe HIcks

  • Brad did a first class job in outfitting my athletic grandson Robbie and me for new clubs. The experience was fun, educational and gave us hope for better personal performance through securing superior equipment! Highly recommend.

    Drew Bowman

  • Had a great time during my fitting with Brad. He was a wealth of knowledge and explained each step of the process. Seeing the numbers with the change of different club combinations was great feedback. No pressure sales wise. Ended up buying a driver and a set of irons and already have shaved 5 strokes off my game, Will be going back for the rest of my bag.

    Steve Dukes

  • I have been through a number of fittings at different fitting venues. My recent fitting with Brad at KZG was the most thorough and resulted in me getting clubs that actually helped me improve. Brad was the most professional and knowledgable fitter I have ever met and I highly recommend him.

    Don Sherman

  • Excellent fitting experience with Brad Whalen. He was knowledgeable and patient, explaining each step of the process. He understood my wants and needs. So happy with my new KZGs.

    Tim Wakefield

  • Got fitted for new irons and was a bit nervous at first, but after talking with Brad and taking a few swings I felt completely at ease. Brad fit me into a set of irons where I added 20 yards distance to my #7 iron with very little dispersion. Very eiciting process and I will be back for more clubs.

    Doug Schapira

  • My husband suggested I go into the KZG Performance Center for a fitting. As a fairly new golfer, I was very hesitant and nervous. Brad immediately put me at ease and actually had me laughing. He was so patient, watching me swing hitting into the launch monitor screen and explaining all of the numbers and what they all meant. There was no high pressure at all. I was fit into clubs that were very easy to hit and pretty much stayed in the center of the fairway. I am so happy with the improvement in my game. Thank you Brad.

    Gina McDonough

  • After seeing Brad Whalen at the KZG Performance Center and being fit for a VC 420 Driver, I am consistently hitting from places on my golf course I have never seen before. I birdied our first hole Saturday and Sunday with a wedge—a hole I used to hit 6 or 7 iron consistently for my approach. I’m KZG’s biggest cheerleader, by far the best golf clubs to buy period.

    Mark Josephs

  • I met Brad Whalen at a Golfing Wellness Workshop in February 2016. I set up an appointment to have my clubs assessed to help me improve my game. As a result I have a brand new KZG OS-ll Offset Driver and 5 Wood with a 3 wood shaft, which were my original problem clubs. Brad was extremely patient and encouraging in giving me tips on using my new clubs. I have improved my game immensely, shooting longer and straighter. I'm 67 and legally blind and Brad took on my challenge, customizing my clubs to fit my game and swing. I'm totally satisfied with the purchase of these quality golf clubs and highly recommend Brad and KZG

    Mary Danielson

  • I met Brad Whalen during a tour of their Performance Center and a discussion of the fitting process. After visiting several other club fitting businesses, I returned to Brad and KZG for fitting a complete set of clubs. Brad’s approach to fitting was very thorough and fun. We discussed my goal of improving shot/scoring consistency. He indicated this would be accomplished by selecting club heads and shafts that would improve my shot height, direction, distance and gaps between clubs. My new KZG clubs feel great and showed good improvement in just two rounds. I especially like my Q Driver – It is consistently longer and straighter! I’m a fan of KZG, it is truly the Top Brand in golf clubs for sale, so give them a try.

    Dennis Callaghan

  • Knowing I have clubs fit for my swing has boosted my confidence on the course dramatically, especially under pressure. Getting fitted has allowed me to focus more on my targets and swing the club a lot more freely. My misses have gone down, my ball striking is more consistent than it has ever been and my distance control has improved immensely. At this stage in my game, meeting with Brad Whalen and getting fitted has been the best investment I’ve ever made. I am now ready to go compete on the collegiate level!

    Jake Ellison

  • Brad Whalen is the best! After fitting us with 2 sets of new golf clubs he had us come in for a “tune up” on how we are using the new clubs. On our visit, after using the clubs for several rounds, he had us hit balls and critiqued us . Peter had minor adjustments such as stance and power hitting balls. I had stance and grip adjustments. I played 4 rounds after visiting Brad and my handicap has dropped 2 points. I look forward to an even lower handicap in the near future! Thanks so much to Brad and the whole delightful team at KZG.

    Leah Giacobazzi

  • My husband (Glen) and I were in to see Brad Whalen in March of 2018 and we had some golf clubs fitted to us and made. I have really been enjoying my new clubs. I trust them and it is so nice to only have to worry about set up and alignment. Once I swing the club I know that they are going to do exactly what they were built to do. Over the past weekend our golf club held their senior championship (for ladies that is over 50) and I am very happy to say that I won. That is the first time I have ever won and it had so much to do with the confidence I have in my clubs. I love my wedges and they were good to me over the weekend. I chipped in for birdie on Saturday and twice for par on Sunday. Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. My game has gained a level of consistency it has never had before. Loving it!!!!

    Wendy Croft

  • It's not often you receive a 5 star experience across the board; however, that is EXACTLY what i had with Brad Whalen and the entire KZG group during my time in California. The performance center is top notch and comfortable. KZG clubs look, feel, and perform as good as anything I've owned. And the time and effort Brad takes to make sure every club in your bag is a perfect match for you is every bit the experience a pro golfer probably gets. Throw in the warm welcome the entire KZG family shows you during your time there and you will not find a better experience anywhere else. I cannot recommend KZG enough. Thank you Brad and everyone at KZG and the performance center for making this an outstanding experience.


  • I simply could not be more pleased with the knowledge, services and products I have received from KZG. I met with Brad Whalen to review my current clubs for consistency and identification of distance gaps. What I got, was one of the most knowlegeable golf teachers I've ever met, a master club fitter and a man who can interpert Trackman statistics faster than I could read them. I'm not a rookie when it comes to assessing these skills so for me to be impressed is a big deal. I wound up ordering a custom fit driver, a 5 wood and two hybrids. I have never been able to hit hybrids. I hit these new hybrids great and I hit them the exact distance range for which they were designed. My 5 wood is a much better fit for me than my old 3 wood and like my new Driver it is consistenly straighter than my old clubs. So how impressed was I? Well I asked Brad to host a group of my golf friends who have seen the change in my consistency on the course (and lost a few bucks to me). He and Jennifer King, the owner, invited us to the facility last night to learn about what they do at KZG. It was a fun afternoon and KZG was more than generous with their time and resources. As a result I'm going to have to step up my game again once Brad fixes my friends up. Oh well I can always go back to KZG and practice on the Trackman Combine! Thanks KZG

    Chris Hyland

  • Both my husband and I went for a fitting in June 2018 and were amazed at the excellent level of service we got from Brad Whalen. Brad evaluated our old clubs and showed us how they were incorrectly assembled from the factory, and how he measures and assembles the clubs they custom make for clients. Aside from the proper fitting and club recommendation for both of us, Brad picked up swing faults that both my husband and I have. There was no high pressure sale from Brad to purchase clubs we did not need or benefit us on the course, instead he worked tirelessly with both of us to ensure we were both fit properly with clubs that would work for us. The experience we had, from the first time we contacted Brad, to the day we went for our fitting was nothing but exceptional. We cannot recommend KZG enough. Thank you, Brad and the KZG family for an outstanding experience.

    Bob and Renee

  • After being fit by Brad Whalen I continue to enjoy the clubs immensely. They are right for me and have been giving me opportunities I otherwise wouldn't have had to score well. Shooting my age is getting more realistic with these clubs and I have won more then I have lost to help pay for them!

    Don P

  • Last year, I purchased a set of custom fit irons from KZG golf. The fitting process was thorough and involved analyzing my old clubs and my swing as I hit multiple clubheads and a myriad of shafts. My first round with my new irons was remarkable as I hit three flagsticks. Now, 12 months later, I am still amazed at how solid and straight I hit the ball. I am stepping up to new wedges and my old driver is getting nervous

    Steve Pfeiffer

  • This past year, KZG hosted a series of free seminars on golf techniques and physical requirements of a golf swing. Tips provided by Brad Whalen were instrumental in helping me change my over-the-top swing. During their recent Open House, my clubs were analyzed only to learn that my “custom” clubs were anything but the senior shafts they were supposed to be, which explained why I couldn’t hit a straight shot even when struck properly. Although I play golf for fun, my equipment needed to at least give me a chance. After Brad fit me for new KZG irons (with the Deus shafts) and a KZG driver plus woods, my ball striking improved tremendously. My 18 hole scores have dropped approximately 10 strokes per round. I’m so thrilled with the solid feel of these clubs.

    Pam Bradish