Brad Whalen

Director of Technology - British PGA, Master Fitter, Master Builder

Kzg Swing Hero
(760) 341-4433 Ext:111

Brad was raised in Scotland and fell in love with the game right from the start. His passion has become his profession. He is a British PGA teaching professional, plays off a +5 handicap, is a Master Club Fitter recognized as one of the World’s Top 100 Fitters, and a Master Builder. Brad was a KZG Dealer in Oklahoma and when he learned about our project in Palm Desert he jumped on board. His approach has always been to educate the golfer each step of the fitting process. Life long relationships with his clients are the norm given his easy-going style and the time he takes to learn about each golfer’s game and goals. Brad is one of the trainers for the KZG 3-Day Master Certification Course offered to the top fitters around the globe. Brad recently just received his Trackman Certification, one of the few pros in the Coachella that holds this credential.






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