KZG Players...  What's in Their Bag and their successes...


Sheridan Gorton

Sheridan Gorton was fit by Anthony (Tony) Stagno at Mammoni Golf in Merced, CA. She will be qualifying for the European Tour next year and  is heading to qualifying school this Winter. In her bag: KZG’s SPX 460 driver 10.5 degrees, VC 3 wood, H370 Tour hybrids in 22 and 26 degrees, ME-I Irons 5-PW, XRS wedges 52-56-60, GF Milled Putter


Samuel is only 11 years old and plays with KZG clubs. He won in the 12-14 age division and took 2nd for the 2016 Spring Series at Central Valley Jr. Golf Association. He was also fit by Tony at Mammoni Golf. What’s in Sam’s bag: GF460 Driver, XLF 3 Wood, 22* Hybrid, Forged CB 5-PW, XRS 52*, 56*, 60*.

Central Valley Jr. Golf Association

Two additional shining stars in the Central Valley Jr. Golf Association, fit by Tony at Mammoni Golf are winners in the 9-12 age division, play with KZG clubs. Isaac Sheu plays KZG’s RBT 325 Driver, 22*, 26* hybrids, LCB 6, 8, 9, PW, SW. Adam Williams plays KZG’s RBT 325 Driver, 22*, 26* hybrids, LCB 6-SW. 

Ann-Kathrin Lindner

Ann-Kathrin Lindner, 28, plays on the Ladies European Tour. She plays with KZG’s MA-1 irons and has for 3 years now. She was fit by Marco Burger at Hole in One in Munich, Germany. Ann-Kathrin played her seventh event as a rookie back in 2014 when she won in Pilsen, Czech Replublic.






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