Which Shaft Should You Use?

The golf shaft is the part of the golf club we have the most questions about. Shafts differ in material (graphite, steel), weight, flex, torque and kickpoint. All of these different aspects need to be fit correctly to the golfer. Some people refer to the shaft as the engine of the golf club but I would prefer to think of it as the transmission. The golfer is the engine. It’s the part of the club that is supposed to allow the transfer of energy from the golfer to the club head.

The common misconception is that a lighter weight shaft will help to increase club head speed. While this can be the case, it is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes a heavier shaft is better for the golfer as it will match up with their tempo, load and release patterns and body.   The KZG Performance Center is currently testing using a K-Vest in conjunction with the Trackman 4. We want to see how changes in a shaft’s weight and length effect ball flight while we correlate the effect on the golfer’s body performance.   This is another way to ensure the fit club for every golfer.

This morning I was working with a gentleman who is a very good player with a strong swing.  He was previously fit into golf clubs which had lighter, softer shafts simply because he is 69 years old and since then he has been having trouble with his distance control. These irons were of the stronger lofted variety. I had him test a more normal lofted iron with a heavier, stiffer steel shaft and the results were instantly better. Not only did he not lose any distance over the “distance” irons but his consistency returned along with the feeling of knowing where the golf club is again. We tried this same test in his driver using the NovaTech 8000 and he was able to get back the 30 yards he had lost when he was changed to a lighter weight shaft.


The NovaTech line of shafts are tough to beat and are some of the most consistent shafts on the market. They come in weights from 50g to 80g in our wood shafts and in 70g and 80g in our irons. Not to mention our BTR and BTR Lite steel shafts. The different shaft profiles allow the fitter to find the perfect shaft for their golfer. When you are with your KZG dealer they will ensure thorough testing that you are fit into the correct weight and flex of shaft to enhance your game.

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