Hybrid Irons

A hybrid is basically a cross between a wood and an iron, so that you get the benefits of ease of play and forgiveness of the wood but also with the benefits of more control and accuracy of irons.

With the recent changes to the golf ball, hybrids have become even more popular.  Golf balls now have much less spin on the longer shots so they need a much higher launch angle.

KZG is different from most golf equipment manufacturers.  Rather than developing product to fit a marketing story (square faced drivers for example), we rely on feedback from our network of Authorized Dealers.  These Dealers are the elite fitters and teachers in our industry who are actually working with golfers and know what they need to perform a perfect fit. That is why our line of clubs is so large and diverse.

We have four models of hybrids all with a nice range of lofts to help best fit the golfers. Our most popular hybrid is the H370 which is extremely forgiving and ranges in loft from 18 to 38 degrees. We also have a Tour version of the H370 which has become extremely popular with the better player … I LOVE mine.

The iron style hybrids are a great option for the player who has a little more of an “over-the-top” swing. In this style we have the very forgiving HSS+ head which covers lofts from 18 to 30 degrees. For the better player we have the GF-H which comes in the same lofts as the H370 tour, 18, 22 and 26. The GF-H hybrid iron also has the added bonus of adjustable weighting with two weight ports in the head to help fine tune the player even more.

Our hybrids and hybrid irons are great additions to the arsenal required by the Master Fitters around the globe to maximize the golfer’s swing.

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