Why Your Clubs Should Be Built

Back when golf was still young(er) all golf clubs were hand made. They were built one at a time for the individual, with the care and attention that a true craftsman puts into whatever it is he is creating.

perfctr1Now, however, things have changed. Five companies control 80% plus of the golf club market. The majority of these companies are publicly traded and therefore have to make their shareholders happy with huge sales. To do this they have to have huge marketing campaigns and to prove how good their golf clubs are they have to pay golfers huge amounts of money to play their clubs (the pros play custom built clubs). This all adds to their cost and cuts into the margins of the retailer.

To keep costs down they have to hire unskilled staff to pre-make a massive amount of golf clubs to a set of “standard” specifications. These clubs are mass produced and when tested the results show the inconsistencies. The retailer on the other hand also now has to hire unskilled staff to “fit” you for your “custom” clubs because of the low margins that they make. They also need to sell a huge amount of golf clubs to keep the cash flow going and keep their inventory turning. The majority of these people have never been trained properly in the use of launch monitors or on how to properly fit someone for a set of golf clubs.


What does this mean for you?

buildWell the simple answer lies in the fact that 92% of golfers are using ill-fitting golf equipment (study conducted by Sports Illustrated Golf Group). This statistic is made even more sad because of all the information available to people on custom fitting and all of the major manufacturers talking about how you should be properly fit.

Do not despair. THERE IS HOPE!!!

KZG works only with qualified fitters and builders. These people work with the golfer to build them a set of golf clubs which is matched perfectly with their game. These craftsmen are almost a throwback to the younger days. They take pride in creating something unique, just like you and your game are unique. 


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