A KZG Dealers Perspective On Club Fitting

April 28, 2017

Marcel De Jager has been a premiere dealer with KZG in the Netherlands for over 10 years.  Marcel is committed to club fitting and believes that a custom fit is the only way to improve anyone’s game. Marcel had a motorcycle accident in 2003, and decided to use the money from the insurance company to…

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Distance Gain …. Just The Facts … No Advertising Buzz

April 19, 2017

Professional Teachers and ClubFitters are constantly hearing this lament from golfers: “I think I should be hitting the ball farther”.   Well, the golfers are usually right. With the advent of launch monitors that can determine club head speed, spin rates and distance, professionals can objectively determine that most golfers are leaving a lot of distance in…

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Beware The Online “Fitting”

March 26, 2017

More and more golf equipment companies and golf stores are offering online club fitting as a one of their options.   It is unanimous among professional clubfitters and PGA teachers that these so called “fittings” are misleading and a down right fraud. At most of these sites, the “fitting” questionnaire usually asks the golfer a number…

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Why Your Clubs Should Be Built

March 22, 2017

Back when golf was still young(er) all golf clubs were hand made. They were built one at a time for the individual, with the care and attention that a true craftsman puts into whatever it is he is creating. Now, however, things have changed. Five companies control 80% plus of the golf club market. The…

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Why You Should Consider Cast Irons

March 2, 2017

KZG believes that quality comes first. This is why we have so many dealers around the world fitting people with KZG golf clubs. Our cast irons are no different. By offering our dealers a great line of cast irons we can ensure that the customer can receive a proper fitting. We have a very nice…

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Hybrid Irons

February 19, 2017

A hybrid is basically a cross between a wood and an iron, so that you get the benefits of ease of play and forgiveness of the wood but also with the benefits of more control and accuracy of irons. With the recent changes to the golf ball, hybrids have become even more popular.  Golf balls…

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